....Vaudeville Park
"Video Night" (2010)
Vaudeville Park 26 Bushwick Ave Brooklyn, NY

Curated by Ian Colletti, Vaudeville Park presented a carefully curated melange of video shorts, animation, stills, feature highlights, video sculpture, installation, performance, and mixed media to music video. Screening Jonathan Phelps' "Reel 616," for the first time the show also featured work by Christopher Arcella, Steven Dressler, Allen Cordell, Jesse Galaznik, Devin Flynn, Scott Keirnan, Erica Magrey, Ethan Miller, Sophia Peer, Joesph Quinn, Garrett Shore, Chuck Stern, Brian Zegeer, and also featured a live “Degenerative Karaoke” performance by the LOUIS VESP All Stars and Music and Video by Brian Mark.




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