......E.S.P. TV on Manhattan Cable Access 


"E.S.P. TV" on Manhattan Cable Access (2011)

This was Jonathan Phelps' priemere of "CHANNEL 616: invasion. "Organized by Scott Kiernan and Ethan Miller of LOUIS V.E.S.P., E.S.P. TV also features live performances, videos and sound by Dana Bell, Colby Bird, Ian Colletti, Elbis Rever, Ganjatronics, Kate Gilmore, KUNSOLE, Katrina Lamb, Derek Larson, Rachel Mason, Erica Magrey, Sam Mickens, Bradford Nordeen, Sophia Peer, Andre Perkowski, Jennifer Sullivan, Andrew Steinmetz, and Brian Zegeer. Special thanks to Chuck Stern, Vaudeville Park and Manhattan Neighborhood Network.



CHANNEL 616: invasion

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